It’s the COVID-19 era and the planet is almost at a standstill, hopefully temporarily. What can you do? How do you cope? Here are 30 very serious and helpful things to do in isolation.

Let’s move

30 Things to do in Isolation

  1. Learn a new language.
  2. Watch Netflix
  3. Workout
  4. Read a book – Check out Wattpad, Kobo or Goodreads for your fav titles.
  5. Listen to a podcast
  6. Go for a walk. Just practice social distancing.
  7. Binge watch YouTube.
  8. Start a YouTube channel.
  9. Learn an instrument.
  10. Start writing a journal. Writing is a great way to battle loneliness, as it helps you to process your emotions and get a clearer idea of where your head’s at.
  11. Start a blog. This should help.
  12. Start updating your LinkedIn.
  13. Practice self hygiene. Do a mani pedi or just shave those armpits already, sheesh!
  14. Make a travel list, for when you want to travel – make sure you plan a detailed itinerary after this whole saga is over though!
  15. Play board games, if you’re lucky enough to be in isolation with somebody. Or else, download it from the App store and play!
  16. Clean your house. That should take at least a week. Do it S-L-O-W-L-Y!
  17. Learn code in 4 hours.
  18. Rearrange your house or workspace. Look up ideas on Pinterest.
  19. Binge shop on Amazon. I recommend these.
  20. Stay mentally active. I can’t stress this enough. Play board games. (Bored games?)
  21. Spice up your Instagram with these dope plugins.
  22. Update your website. Darn.
  23. Learn to make money online.
  24. Avoid the news like the virus itself. It’s causing more harm than good.
  25. Meditate. Don’t forget to breathe.
  26. Cook. Something that will take time and be really nice.
  27. Take footage. Capture everything on phone camera. You never know how useful those clips could turn out to be.
  28. Facetime or do a video call. Interaction is important.
  29. Waste time on Twitter. Follow us on Instagram while you’re at it.
  30. Finally, get closer to your creator. You know, with everything being weird af right now.

So that’s it fam! These are the thins to do in isolation. I guarantee you that when we’re out of it we’d have reaped massive rewards.

Stay safe, and wash those hands!

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