When traveling, most of us pack a lot. But you’d be amazed how many of us pack the much needed bathroom accessories apart from the usuals – soap, sponge and maybe a deodorant or two. Well, this post goes one step further and shows you some bathroom accessories for your next trip.

1. 16 Pack Travel Bottles Set

This is a practical travel container set inside a zipper box, which includes 4 travel bottles, 4 travel jars, 2 spray bottle, 2 spoons, 1 funnel, 1 cleaning brush, and 1 label, as well as 1 transparent makeup bag. The diverse containers allow you to bring different beauty products and cosmetics according to your needs.

Perfect for GYM too.

BUY NOW ($15.99)

2. Tooletries – The James Organizer – Silicone Toiletry Holder, Shower & Bathroom Accessory

This one is great. I think it’s perfect if you will be having a short stay at an AirBnB or hotel, etc. Want to keep your essentials within reach and save time on your daily routine? Meet the James, a life-changing piece of bathroom storage with dividers for your razor, face wash, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, and then some.

Installation is simple. First, clean the surface you want to use. Second, peel the backing film off. Third, place the product on the surface smoothing any bubble as you go. For best results wait about 12 hours before use
If you’re constantly on the go, your kit will happily travel with you. Product cleaning, care, and general hygiene is easier too as you can simply remove, wipe, and then reapply.

BUY NOW, $22.29

3.Toiletry Bag for Men Travel, Hanging Dopp Kit

This men’s toiletry bag has multiple compartments; large independent mesh pockets for towels and body wash, and small compartmentalized pockets for razors and mouthwash, each with independent elastic loops to easily secure items.

BUY NOW, $20.99

4.Kangoo Ribbed Microfiber Towel – Super Absorbent and Quick Dry, Suitable for Travel, Beach, Camping, Gym, Pool, Yoga (Purple)

Kangoo travel towel provides all the features one could want for diverse activities: it is lightweight and compact, quick-drying, super absorbent while retaining its resilience wash after wash. Perfectly suited both indoors and outdoors.

This microfiber towel is the perfect companion for your active lifestyle! From trips to the beach and pool, hikes up a mountain peak, or those intense gym or yoga sessions – it conveniently dries quickly so you can store away with ease

BUY NOW, $9.99

5.Toilet Seat Covers Disposable Flushable Travel Pack

Nothing beats hygiene, especially when you’re on the go, so these Toilet Seat Covers Disposable Flushable Travel Pack will definitely be useful when you need it.

The premium quality toilet seat covers disposable have a thick base of 20 GSM wood pulp, serving as a barrier between you and the pathogens, so you can use public bathrooms without worrying about contamination. Suitable for Men and Women.

BUY NOW, $6.99

6.Retractable Portable Clothesline for Travel

Outside the bathroom seat wipes, I think many of us overlook the need for hangers to hang underwear and just personal items. This Retractable Portable Clothesline for Travel is perfect for your travel needs.

BUY NOW, $9.99

7.Travel Hangers

Outside the clothesline, I’d recommend hangers too, because sometimes you just need to dry one piece of clothing, or hang something in the bathroom. The travel hangers are lightweight and foldable for easy storage and transportation. They also have a textured surface to prevent clothes from slipping off.

BUY NOW, $24.99

8. OMIRO Compact Mirror, Classical PU Leather 1X/3X Magnification

What’s a bathroom accessories list without a travel mirror?

This is a two-sided mirror suitable for cosmetic use. The main mirror perfectly reflects a clear image of the entire face while the other side is 3x magnified and is great for applying mascara, tweezing, plucking, flossing, etc.

It also has two hidden magnetic buckles that serve as a closure. The hinge allows you to open it to a full 180-degree angle when laid flat on a surface.

BUY NOW, $4.99

Hope you love these bathroom accessories. My faves are the hangers and the mirrors. Talk soon!

PS: The links are affiliate links, but the recommendations are mine. 


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