Just a few details on how to upgrade your old passport if you’re a Nigerian and get the new Nigerian passport.

About the New Nigerian Passport

The Enhanced E-Passport is part of the new reforms approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is a product of intensive review of the existing e-passport booklet which has been in circulation for over 10 years and has only 5-year validity.

new nigeria passport

Features and benefits of the New Passport [Enhanced E-Passport]

These include:

  1. Introduction of a new security enhanced passport;
  2. Polycarbonate technology that enhances the quality of the passport;
  3. Ten year validity booklet that saves frequent visit to passport offices;
  4. Automation of issuance process to bring about transparency and address touting / middlemen;
  5. Strictly online payment based;
  6. Introduction of Electronic Document Management System that will ensure:
    • Tracking of application,
    • Effective communication with applicants on status of the application, and collection,
    • Eliminate human interference,
    • Enhances document storage system,
    • Enhances prompt decision making,
    • Ease process flow,
  7. Provision of conducive processing environment for applicants;
  8. Provision of effective and compliant address mechanism.

The prices:

  • A 32-page new passport with five years validity period goes for N25,000 ($130)
  • A 64-page passport with validity period of five years goes for N30,000 ($150)
  • A 64-page passport with 10 years validity period goes for N70,000 ($230)

How to Apply for the New Nigerian Passport

Click here to apply and get yours.

Read more details here.


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