Spend less, save more, and earn extra cash on the side. That’s how to make extra money and spend it on a future trip. It isn’t easy, it requires plenty of hard work and sacrifice, but you can do it. It doesn’t matter if you want to travel for two weeks or two years, the process is the same.

Track your spending

You’ll find out that most of your expenses are avoidable if only you take the time to track it. I spend about 6900NGN on dstv monthly, about 15k monthly on internet (yeah, even in 2019) and more. That’s not even all. But try cutting down on this and you are easily on your way to a free life financially.

Create a savings plan

So now you’ve tracked your spending. How do you now want to handle the money saved? Some would say open an account. Well, if the shoe fits. Open a separate account and start saving money there and be disciplined about it.

Your savings plan should comprise several goals, some short-term and some long-term. List your goals in specific numbers and don’t be shy to shoot high.

Create a budget

A budget is different from savings plan. You can regulate your general income on a budget. So, create a running budget, assigning strict numbers to recurring expenses – and stick to it religiously.

Other expenses are flexible, like the money you spend on food every month, or socializing, or like me, DSTV, recharge cards and Heineken. Going shopping? Decide in advance how much you can afford to spend and leave your ATM at home so you’re not tempted.

Stay away from Temptation

Watching your friends go out every night to buy expensive stuff, pricey food and booze, and new iphones will destroy all your hard-won motivation. So avoid it. Stay away from temptation.

As much as you can, try and avoid friends who spend like they have an endless pocket stream. In the long run you’re doing yourself a favor.

Be Stingy to yourself

Don’t frown, it’s only for a while. Once you hit your target you wont remember the bad days.